Table of Contents for Grades 9-12


A. Introduction for Teachers

B. A Buffalo Soldier and his Horse
Student Teacher

C. Picturing the Past
Student Teacher

D. Traveling a Superhighway of the 1800s
Student Teacher

E. The “Indian Problem” in 1881
Student Teacher

F. Legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers
Student Teacher

G. War in West Texas
Student Teacher

H. If You Lived at Fort Davis
Student Teacher

I. Travel Through Time
Student Teacher

J. Legacies are Not Left in Graffiti
Student Teacher

K. Overview using Park Handouts: Getting the Most from Your Visit to Fort Davis NHS
Student Teacher

1. The First Fort Davis, 1854-1862
2. African Americans in the Frontier Army
3. Black Recipients of the Medal of Honor from Frontier Indian Wars
4. The Post Hospital at Fort Davis
5. Moving with the Frontier Army: 10th Cavalry Officers’ Wives
6. Park Orientation Brochure (contact park to obtain up to 10 copies)


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