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Here at Fort Bowie National Historic Site we feel the future stewardship of our park is of the utmost importance. A Junior Ranger is an explorer. A Junior Ranger is a learner, and this type of learning is informal and fun. A Junior Ranger is a protector of the national parks. Junior Rangers discover things they can do to help make sure there are always parks to visit in the future. They learn things they can do in the parks, and things they can do when they return home. When they have completed their activity booklets, children are sworn in as a Junior Ranger and receive a badge, patch, and certificate. Each year 450,000 children become Junior Rangers.

Would you like to learn more about the animals, plants, history, and people at Fort Bowie National Historic Site? Stop at the visitor center and pick up a free copy of the park's Junior Ranger Activity Booklet.

Return to the visitor center and share your discoveries with a staff person to receive your badge!

Are you unable to travel to the park but still want to be a Junior Ranger? Visit the Webranger page to learn how to become a Junior Ranger from home!


Green Jr Ranger

Our National Parks are the perfect setting to learn all sorts of cool facts about our environment as well as our country's history. The National Park Service helps protect these historical and natural treasures strong and pristine. However, we need your help to preserve these special places! You can do your part by becoming a Junior Green Ranger. Learn how you can become an active partner and help protect our parks as well as your home and neighborhoods.

Download and complete this activity booklet, then mail to:

Junior Green Ranger Program
Division of Interpretation and Education
National Park Service
100 Alabama Street SW
Atlanta, GA 30303

Last updated: December 6, 2016

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