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Informational graphic about how to plan for your visit to Flight 93 National Memorial
How to plan like a Park Ranger at Flight 93 National Memorial



The graphic is titled "Plan Like a Park Ranger at Flight 93 National Memorial" and lists seven tips for planning a trip to the memorial. It includes the social media hashtag #PlanLikeAParkRanger." The top illustration is a map pinpoint on a mountainous hills with the Tower of Voices. 

Tip one includes an illustration of a map with a pinpoint and marked trail. Title text reads "How to Get Here" Below the title,text reads " The entrance to the memorial is located at 6424 Lincoln Highway, Stoystown, PA 15563. Be sure to check for current weather conditions and any alerts or closures that may be happening at the memorial. 

Tip two includes an illustration of the visitor center from a distance. Title text reads "How much time should you plan?" The text below reads, "Start at the Visitor Center, which is a 2.5 mile drive from the memorial entrance. Allow 2 to 3 hours for your visit to the memorial. Be sure to check out the Memorial Plaza, Wall of Names, Visitor Center Complex and Tower of Voices. 

Tip three includes a graphic of a dollar sign with an x over it. The title text reads "No fees or reservations are required to visit the memorial."

Tip four includes an illustration of a person's hands using a smartphone displaying a picture of a park. Title text reads "Explore the NPS App." The text below the title reads "Use the NPS App to learn more about what to see and do at Flight 93 National Memorial. Check out the park calendar to see what is happening at the memorial during your visit. During the summer months, attend a Ranger program." 

Tip five includes an illustration of a park ranger hat. Title text reads" Ask a Ranger". Text below reads "Have a question? Ask a ranger. (Yep, we ask other rangers about visiting their parks.) Rangers are here to help. We can answer questions, share park stories (we're always happy to point you to the nearest restroom) and we can let you know what activities are available and places not to miss."

Tip six includes an illustration of the wooden cermonial hemlock gate and the wall of names. The title text reads "Leave Only Footprints." The text below reads "Each of us plays a vital role in protecting the memorial. Whether it's keeping the site trash-free, leaving spaces we visit as we found them, or staying on the trails, we're careful to respect this special place." 

Tip seven includes an illustration of a person walking a dog. The title text reads "Ruffing it?" Text below reads "Pets must be leased at all times and are welcome on all trails and parking areas at the memorial. Wth exception for service animals, pets are not permitted inside the Visitor Cener, on the Flight Path Walkway, or on the Memorial Plaza Walkway." 


Important resources for your visit

  • An informational sign located along park trails

    How to get to the memorial.

  • Visitors reading waysides.

    Services and suggestions on what to do when accessibility is on your mind.

  • Visitor Center with dark clouds.

    Find the current weather conditions and the extended forecast to know what to expect during your visit.

  • Visitors reading a wayside.
    Things To Do

    Want to volunteer or find things to do at the memorial?

  • Tower of Voices is in the distance with blue sky and small yellow flowers amidst green grass..
    Places To Go

    Tower of Voices, Visitor Center, Learning Center and Memorial Plaza.

  • Wall of Names with the Ceremonial Gate.
    Learn About the Park

    Learn about field trips, educational opportunities, the history of the site, and information about the Memorial.

Last updated: November 21, 2023

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