Todd M. Beamer

Todd M. Beamer
Todd Beamer

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Age: 32
Hometown: Cranbury, New Jersey
Occupation: Account Manager, Oracle Corporation
Reason for travel: Business

Todd M. Beamer, an account manager for Oracle, a computer software company, left his Cranbury, New Jersey home on September 11 for a one-day business trip to San Francisco. Beamer was raised in the Chicago area, graduated from Wheaton College, and earned an MBA from DePaul University. Though he worked long hours, Beamer was committed to his family and faith. In the midst of the hijacking of Flight 93, Beamer tried to reach his wife by Airfone. When the call failed, he dialed an operator who says that Beamer calmly provided critical information about events on the plane and relayed messages for his pregnant wife. At Beamer’s request, the operator joined him in praying the Lord’s Prayer. At the end of his call, she says she heard Beamer say to others on the plane, “Are you guys ready? Okay. Let’s roll.”

Last updated: May 22, 2021

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