Memorial Plaza Fact Sheet

Construction drawings
Construction drawings:  Left-Memorial Plaza wall section.  Right-Ceremonial Gate.



Design and Construction

Design Competition
Number of entries submitted: 1,100
Number of countries represented: 27
Number of states represented: 48
Honorable Mentions: 9
Finalists: 5
Stage I opened: September 11, 2004
Stage I closed: January 11, 2005
Finalists announced: February, 4, 2005
Final selection announced: September 7, 2005

Groundbreaking: November 7, 2009
Start of construction: March 22, 2010
End of Phase 1 construction: August 11, 2011
Dedication ceremony: September 10, 2011

Memorial architect: Paul Murdoch Architects
Landscape architect: Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects

Memorial Plaza Features

Visitor Shelter and Gateway
Dimensions: 11 ft 4 in H x 25 ft W x 93 ft 9 in L
Visitor shelter: 10 ft H x 14 ft W x 27 ft 6 in L
Thickness of roof: 16 in
Material: Glass, metal, and cast-in-place architectural hand hewn
hemlock finish concrete
Number of distinctive molds used during casting: 5

Memorial Plaza Wall and Benches
Wall dimensions: 3 ft 7 in H x 4 ft W x 1200 ft L
Angle of the wall: 45°
Material: precast exposed aggregate concrete w/ hand-painted
stain and sealer - cast off-site
Total number of panels: 233
Total number of precast sections: 60
Panel dimensions:3 ft 7 in H x 4 ft W x 5 ft L
Number of Benches: 7
Number of tribute niches: 3
Niche dimensions: 8 in H x 5 in W x 16 in L
Depth of moat from top of wall: 9 ft 7 in.

Memorial Plaza Walkway
Dimensions: 6 in thick - ½ inch of Bomanite™ and 5 ½ in regular
Material: concrete base with Bomanite™ top layer- aggregate of
black granite chips with tinted cement - cast on site
Restrooms to Wall of Names: 2,000 ft
Restrooms to Visitor Shelter: 700 ft
Visitor Shelter to end of Flight Path: 1,400 ft - approximately 1/4 mile
Bus drop-off to end of Flight Path: 1,600 ft
Round trip - Visitor Shelter to end of Flight Path: 2,800 ft -
approximately ½ mile

Wall of Names
Wall dimensions: 8 ft H x varied W x 100 ft L
Panel dimensions: 8 ft H x 3 ½ in W x 2 ft 6 in L
Materials: Olympian Danby Vermont
Marble Panel Weight: approximately 1,000 lbs each

Flight Path Walls
Total length: 270 ft
Materials: Precast concrete clad in Olympian Danby Vermont Marble

Flight Path Walkway
Dimensions: 10 ft W x 219 ft 11 ½ in L
Material: black granite Quarry: Saint-Nazaire, Québec, Canada

Ceremonial Gate
Dimensions: 7 ft 5 in H x 8 in W x 9 ft 7 in L
Materials: Hand hewn hemlock and stainless steel

Material: sandstone
Source: northern area of the memorial

Stone Benches
Dimensions: 2 ft W x 2 ft H x 6 ft L
Materials: Sandstone
Quarry: Annandale Quarries, Boyers, PA
Weight: 3200 lbs (average)

Sidewalk and Arrival Court Benches
Materials: pinewood and bicromated steel

Gathering Court and Plaza Benches
Materials: western red cedar and stainless steel

Roads and Lands

Approach Road: 2 ½ miles
Ring Road: 1 mile
Total Mileage: 3 ½ miles

Federal: approximately 1,500 acres
Non-Federal: approximately 700 acres
Total: 2,200 acres

Last updated: November 12, 2021

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