America Attacked


This program utilizes multimedia, exhibits, oral presentations, seating charts, phone calls, and a transcript of the cockpit voice recorder to deliver a unique learning opportunity. The overall objective of this program is to expose students to the role of the FBI in the investigation as to what really happened aboard Flight 93.

Flight 93 National Memorial Learning Center is a classroom where teachers, students, park rangers and volunteers identify and explore the story of Flight 93 and September 11. Upon arrival to the park the teachers will bring their students to this center. The students will be put in groups of 4-10 to form up teams of investigators to uncover the true story of Flight 93. The students will investigate the story through both primary and secondary source materials as well as exhibits within the park’s visitor center.

Program Objectives: Students will be able to:
  1. Name three terrorist and their role in the September 11, 2001, attack
  2. List two events leading up to the attacks on September 11 that had an impact on national security
  3. Name the four targets and potential targets selected by the terrorist on September 11
  4. List and describe two key pieces of evidence gathered from the investigation
  5. Discuss how other information gathered by the FBI and CIA led to al-Qaeda involvement

Materials (National Park Service Provides On-Site):
  1. Flip chart, easel, whiteboard or open wall space
  2. Student/Teacher workbook/worksheet
  3. IPad with OnCell applications
  4. Dial and Discover from Anywhere handout
  5. Masterminds of Terror by Yosri Fouda and Nick Fielding
  6. The Cell by John Miller

Pre-Visit: Reflections of September 11 PowerPoint: This lesson gives context about the September 11, 2001, attacks and that day’s timeline of events, including all three sites of the attacks. Images of September 11, tributes and eyewitness accounts are used to capture the essence of that day. Images of actual comment cards, artwork and poetry created by children and left at the memorial as tributes to honor the heroes will be used in group discussion.

On-Site Visit Activity: The field trip experience will start in the Learning Center. There the students will be oriented to the site, logistics of the day explained, and they will receive a binder America Attacked which includes (seating charts, a transcript of the cockpit voice recorder, transcripts of recorded messages left by passenger and crew members, interviews with family members conducted by the FBI, and more) a worksheet will also be provided to record information. They will also receive the Dial and Discover from Anywhere handout. The students will be divided into groups to uncover the true story of what actually happened on board Flight 93. The students will investigate the story through both primary and secondary source materials. After 30 minutes of group work and investigation the students will share their findings with the rest of the class. This information will be placed on a flipchart leading to discussion of what really happened on Flight 93. A PowerPoint explaining the true facts and findings will end the presentation.

Post Visit: Never Forget: This lesson will give the students a chance to be creative by writing a poem, song, story or drawing or painting a picture as a tribute and remembrance. These can be shared on the park’s social media sites and website as a collage image or post. Images can be emailed to the Education Program Specialist.

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