The National Park Service Aviation Program provides leadership at the national, regional, and park levels to ensure safe and efficient use of aviation resources.

A man in flight gear looks out of the door of a helicopter to a rocky landscape and lake below.

A helitack crewmember looks out of a helicopter for new fire starts.


Aviation Jobs

Park Assistance

Operational and logistical support of aircraft use are just two of the skills needed to support the aviation use in the National Park Service.

Aircraft in the Parks

Photo Gallery

The National Park Service uses aircrafts year round and in nearly every state to support, accomplish and promote our mission.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

A variety of National Park Service Aviation images from Acadia to Zion. View photo galleries aircraft used in parks, aircraft operations, and the people who work in National Park Service Aviation Management.

Aviation Firsts

Aviation Firsts

There are many events that are commemorated by the National Park Service. Learn about those associated with Aviation, including the Wright Brothers, the first U.S. President to obtain a pilot’s license, and the first use of an airplane in search and rescue.