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Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Scientists and Physicians

tall structure of a reactor

Manhattan Project NHP

An immigrant from China, Chien-Shiung Wu is a pivotal figure in the history of physics who did important work for the Manhattan Project.

ocean waves hitting a line of rocks

Kaloko-Honokōhau NHP

Native Hawaiians were some of the first fish-farmers. Eight hundred years ago, they built large fishponds to raise fish for the community.

landscape showing remains of a relocation center, in the middle of a vast prairie with mountains

Tule Lake National Monument

Dr. Kazue Togasaki was one of the first Japanese American women to become a doctor in the US and was a physician at relocation centers.

Recreate Responsibly on Water

sunrise view of a brick front and the blue ocean

Dry Tortugas National Park

You can take your own boat, the ferry, or go by seaplane. Whatever route you choose, you can expect views and an experience like no other.

man on a small boat cruising on a lake with trees in the background

Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway

Whether you are fishing or enjoying the scenery, boating is a rewarding way to experience the river.

man boating on a lake through tall rocky mountains

Lake Mead NRA

With more than 290 square miles of waterway to navigate, you can enjoy the thrill of open water or relax in a private cove.

National Park Getaways

Statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. at night

This Month's National Park Getaway

Located in the heart of the nation's capital, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial honors the legacy of the prominent civil rights leader.

Statue of a raven

Edgar Allan Poe NHS

Just his name evokes a sense of foreboding or horror. Edgar Allan Poe NHS in Philadelphia explores the legacy of the prolific author.

Sunset over a rock bluff in the desert

El Malpais National Monument

More than 60,000 years of volcanic activity have shaped the beautiful, rugged landscape of El Malpais National Monument.

Several long buildings in a high desert near a bluff

Tule Lake National Monument

Tule Lake National Monument tells the stories of 30,000 Japanese Americans who were forced to relocate to the camp far from their homes.