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The National Park Service is directed to to conserve park resources "unimpaired" for the enjoyment of future generations. Therefore, any activities that would cause derogation of or detract from the values and purposes for which a park has been established cannot be allowed.

Fire Island National Seashore was established in September 1964 (Public Law 88-587) for the purposes of "conserving and preserving for the use of future generations certain relatively unspoiled and undeveloped beaches, dunes, and other natural features within Suffolk County, New York, which possess high values to the Nation, as examples of unspoiled areas of great natural beauty in close proximity to large concentrations of urban populations."

Providing opportunities for appropriate public enjoyment is an important part of the National Park Service mission. Approval of any special uses of the park—unrelated to public enjoyment—may be allowed if not otherwise prohibited by law or regulation. However, the National Park Service can only allow uses that are (1) appropriate to the purpose for which the park was established, and (2) can be sustained without causing unacceptable impacts.

Please keep these requirements in mind if you are considering a request for special use of facilities or resources at Fire Island National Seashore.


Special Park Uses
A special park use is defined as an activity that takes place in a park area, and that:

  • provides a benefit to an individual, group or organization rather than the public at large;
  • requires written authorization and some degree of management control from the National Park Service in order to protect park resources and the public interest;
  • is not prohibited by law or regulation;
  • is not initiated, sponsored, or conducted by the National Park Service; and
  • is not managed under a concession contract, a recreation activity for which the NPS charges a fee, or a lease.

Appropriate Permit Conditions are imposed for Special Use Permits for Public Gatherings.

Follow the directions found in the form above (pdf file, Adobe Acrobat reader required), then mail the completed form to the park headquarters address. Forms will only be accepted via U.S. Mail. Forms that have been faxed or e-mailed will not be accepted for consideration.

A non-refundable application fee is required. Additional administrative, location, and/or cost recovery fees may also be charged.


Last updated: July 6, 2018

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