Special Use Permit Policy

  1. Reservation of an area is by permit only, issued by the Superintendent.
  2. Areas to be reserved will not block access to any public area, interfere with regular visitation or operations and the Superintendent will not reserve any areas that would constitute a detriment to the general public use. (Areas would be listed i.e. lifeguarded beaches, Smith Point to 1st dune crossing, east and south picnic areas of Watch Hill.)
  3. Reservation of historic properties or buildings is subject to further restrictions listed separately. The wilderness zone is only available for camping reservations and is covered under separate camping regulations.
  4. All costs are to be paid for by the sponsoring agencies, including the costs of setup, cleanup, removal of debris, policing, supervision, and damage. If necessary, a bond, set by the Superintendent, to cover these costs will be secured at the time the permit is issued. It is refundable upon acceptable inspection by the District Ranger.
  5. The park reserves the right to require personal liability insurance for the event, naming the National Park Service as co-insured, and require the sponsoring organization to sign a statement holding the Park harmless in the event of legal claims.
  6. Event to be strictly controlled by the permittee. The Superintendent will decide whether NPS will police the event or whether private security will be acceptable for crowd control. All infractions of Title 36 CFR or any other federal or state laws will be handled by the NPS Park Rangers or Suffolk County Police. Any parking of boats or vehicles will be regulated by the NPS.
  7. Prior coordination with the District Ranger required, meeting at least one week in advance of scheduled event. One person, who will be responsible and attend the event, will be designated as the "event coordinator."
  8. Tents and/or equipment will be allowed on site 24 hours prior to and after the gathering. Security of these items will be the responsibility of the permittee. All cleanup shall begin immediately after the event and debris removed from the park, any extension of this requirement will have to be approved in advance.
  9. No onsite sales, payments, or admission charges will be allowed. Entrance to the event will be by prior invitation only.
  10. Any park picnic tables to be used will constitute less than 1/4 the total available and may be less if the event is held on heavy visitor use days.
  11. If the area does not have public restrooms readily available, portable restrooms must be provided by the permittee and must be removed within 24 hours following the event.
  12. Activities of the permittee and guests must not create or cause any permanent or irreversible impacts.
  13. Failure to abide with these and/or any other special restrictions will be grounds for revocation of permit and denial of future permits.

  1. Reservation of historic properties and buildings shall be for special and occasional use only. These areas are not intended to be used for purposes other than historic uses or the commemoration of their historic significance.
  2. Reservation of these areas will not conflict with public use and enjoyment of the area (i.e., use will only be permitted when the area is closed to the public.)
  3. Within a building: (1) light refreshments may be served in non-historic sections, as long as no modification of existing exhibits or furnishings are required, (2) no loud noises or music, dancing, etc., (3) at least one Ranger will be required on site at all times during setup, special use, and cleanup.

Last updated: January 23, 2014

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