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September 2008
Excavated:  September 10-17, 2008
Image taken:  September 15, 2008
Backfilled:  September 18, 2008

This room was first documented in 2006, when archaeologists visited the site to plan the excavation work. The north corner of this large masonry room was exposed by the arroyo. Excavation revealed a rectangular room with a slab-lined floor. Based on its construction, archaeologists think that this room is part of a larger block of rooms which remains buried by sediment. Sites such as this one, where only a small portion lies exposed on the surface, suggest that the actual number of archaeological sites along the Colorado River may be far greater than meets the eye.

The crew excavated approximately 70% of the room, exposing only one of the four walls. Few artifacts were found in the room. This suggests that the residents took their belongings with them when they left.

The collage of notes was made from the extensive notes that the archaeologists recorded during excavation. These notes provide a detailed record of the excavation as it progresses, recording architectural features of rooms, artifacts recovered, and other information. They are later used to provide context for artifacts and to guide laboratory analysis.