Rodeo Lagoon

Water's Wildlife

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In an area dominated by salt water and large ocean waves, this protected freshwater to brackish lagoon is a haven for wildlife. Birds especially depend upon bodies of water like this for food and rest. Look through some of the wildlife that use Rodeo Lagoon.


Lagoon Life

Five pelicans in flight, one in the lead.

Brown pelican

Underwater, a brown broad-headed fish has black speckles that merge into stripes along its back. The fins are long and spiny.

Prickly sculpin

White long-necked bird with a orange beak stands in still water surrounded by marsh grasses.

Great egret

Two otters create ripples in the otherwise smooth water surface. Only their heads protrude.

River otters

A great blue heron takes off into flight, with its long, snake-like neck and broad out-stretched blue wings.

Great blue heron


Double-crested cormorants

A duck with a burgundy body, black tail and mostly black head makes ripples in the smooth water surface. The duck’s light blue bill is flanked by the duck’s white cheeks.

Ruddy duck

Encroaching Salt Water

If sea level rises just a few feet and there is not enough sediment build-up, the ocean will breach the sandbar that keeps the salt water at bay. Then Rodeo Lagoon could become a saltwater inlet.

Rodeo Lagoon Projections

On the Rise

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