Volcanoes / Lava Flows

Close up image of ropy textured dark lava rock
Volcanic Resources of El Malpais

A volcanic wilderness of amazing basaltic lava features awaits at El Malpais. Learn more about how this incredible lava landscape formed.

A reddish hill with pine trees and snowy patches.
Cinder Cones

Many of the lava flows of El Malpais erupted from cinder cones. Learn about these types of volcanoes that dot the El Malpais landscape.

Molten red lava flowing in an active eruption
Hawaiian Style Eruptions

The volcanic landscape of El Malpais was created by Hawaiian style eruptions of basaltic lava. Learn about this volcanic eruption style.

dark black rock in ropy pattern
Lava Flow Surface Features

The lava flows of El Malpais feature unusual shapes and structures unique to basaltic lava. Learn more about features you might find.

a black lava landscape under blue sky
Inflation Structures

Several lava flows at El Malpais feature interesting inflation structures that create wild looking landscapes.

rubbly lava rock with a tree covered hill in the distance
Monogenetic Volcanic Fields

El Malpais protects a monogenetic volcanic field with multiple volcanoes that only erupted once. Learn more about this type of volcanic area

A cliff of sandstone rises above dark lava rock

Many kīpukas dot the lava flow landscape of El Malpais. Learn more about these ecological islands in the middle of the lava.

Last updated: December 1, 2022

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