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Left side a sketch of Gutzon Borglum drawing four faces on a mountain. Right side, the Declaration of Intention completed form with a profile of Abraham Lincoln with a stone carver on the tip of his nose superimposed.
Gutzon Borglum's father emigrated from Denmark a few years before he was born.

Odense City Museums

The Third Floor Changing Exhibit Gallery- 3 East -

From Danish Blood to American Spirit
Odense City Museums

October 13, 2018 – January 6, 2019
This exhibition explores Danish immigration to the United States through World War I. The narrative is told through the point of view of actual immigrants – both ordinary citizens as well as famous ones. The exhibition examines the transformation of individuals from subjects of the Danish king to American citizens, responsible only to themselves. The individual stories are grouped by the reasons immigrants left Denmark, including religious, legal, political, and personal, among others.


The Third Floor Bob Hope Memorial Library Corridor Gallery - 3 West -

Six Bergen County students stand behind their art pieces
Six Bergen County Academy Students stand behind their art pieces.

Bergen County Academy

_“I AM ME… I AM YOU… YOU ARE ME… WE ARE US” …each of us brings a thread of ourselves, our culture and our homeland to form the fabric of our new home…_

This four panel installation was designed and created by National Art Honor Society students from Bergen County Academies

https://bcts.bergen.org/index.php/2016-05-10-17-30-50/bcts-campuses (a National Park Service Partner) in Hackensack under the tutelage of their teacher, JoAnn Onnembo, in honor of the National Parks 100th Birthday Celebration. The yearlong project included historical, anthropological and cultural research with the conceptual design idea that “we, as diverse individuals, become an integral part of a new fabric we call home.” Based on their research, students created charcoal portraits of what they imagined people of various cultural backgrounds may have looked like during times of the great migration and passage through Ellis Island. Images were developed, grouped, assembled, and placed within a newly woven “quilt.” The brief title statements recognize and respect individualities, unify and support the concept, and validate our contribution as part of the whole… a fabric that becomes stronger and more vibrant because we unite as one.

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