Nathaniel James Stories of Inspiration


Nathaniel James Stories of Inspiration (Transcript)

Interviewee: Nathaniel James
Date of Interview: April 19, 2015
Interviewer: Peter Wong
Audio Engineer: Kevin Daley
High School: Edward R. Murrow High School
Interview for the Groundswell Mural Project

Throughout this entire process, what immigration story (or immigration stories) has inspired you the most?

“A young woman living in a very diverse household with her grandmother. And her grandmother was an immigrant but they were living in the United States and in that instance, police immigration officers came to their house and took their grandmother and then it sparked something with the young women. That same night, she posted it on Facebook. There was a huge reaction. A few days later, the end result was that her grandmother was sent back to America. That was all because the granddaughter speaking out about the situation. A lot of the immigrants do not know that they can speak out about the injustices they face being an immigrant. Because while in America they still have rights.”

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