Mei Jia Lin Shares her Outlook on Immigration


Mei Jia Lin Outlook on Immigration (Transcript)

Interviewee: Mei Jai Lin
Date of Interview: April 19, 2015
Interviewer: Peter Wong
Audio Engineer: Kevin Daley
High School: Science Center High School
Interview for the Groundswell Mural Project

How has this project influenced your outlook on immigration?

“It has given me a better idea of what really happened to the immigrants in the past. The history books always tell us the ‘history of immigrants’ but it never really gave an in-depth look at what was behind the harsh journey, being crushed, crammed in the tenement homes. You only saw the surface. You never really saw why they came here, what truly motivated them to work hard. And through this project, we had to research, go to Ellis Island, and look up different stories of immigrants that really came here during that time. And it just made me realize, ‘wow, that was hard.”

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