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Baggage Room Exhibit
The Baggage Room in the Main Building welcomes and introduces you to Ellis Island. 

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We want you and your students to have a fantastic visit to Ellis Island.

The Main Building, where most visitors spend most of their time, has three floors of exhibits about the history of the island and immigration a century ago. Outside are walkways, areas to eat, and wonderful views of the Statue of Liberty and the New York City skyline. With so much to see, visiting Ellis Island can take minutes, hours, or even an entire day.

The following are suggestions for visiting based on how much time you and your students have on Ellis Island.

Less than 30 minutes
Visit the Registry Room, also known as the Great Hall, on the second level. This is where millions of immigrants were processed from 1900 through the early 1920s.

Walk down the Stairs of Separation, read the brass plaque that explains why the stairs are separated, and notice the wear on these original stairs. At the bottom of the Stairs of Separation, make sure to turn left to return to the Baggage Room and the museum exit.

Less than 1 hour
The above Registry Room tour, plus the following before walking down the Stairs of Separation:

Proceed to the southwest corner of the Registry Room/Great Hall and visit Through America's Gate, an exhibit chonicling the immigrant experience at Ellis Island.

Less than 2 hours
The above Registry Room tour plus Through America's Gates, or choose ONE of the following:

  • Take the Ranger Tour (free, 45 minutes)
  • Watch the Movie/Documentary, "Island of Hope; Island of Tears" (free 35 minute program; 5 minute ranger led introduction + 30 minute documentary)


Visit the third level east exhibit area. First explore Treasures from Home, a collection of belongings that immigrants brought from their homelands.

Then, choose ONE of the following:

  • Ellis Island Chronicles features the geographic history of Ellis Island through photos, documents, and models.
  • Silent Voices and Restoring a Landmark showcases the Ellis Island Immigration Station, and restoration process, after its closure and abandonment in 1954.

Less than 3 hours
Same as for "Less than 2 hours," plus:

Visit the Dormitory Room and view additional historic photographs located on the balcony (third level/ Great Hall)

Proceed to the east side of the second level and visit Peak Immigration Years, an exhibit revealing the challenges of immigrating to the United States a century ago.

More than 3 hours
Start on the third level and work your way down through the exhibits (don't miss the Registry Room/Great Hall.) Then choose one of the following:

  • Take the Ranger Tour (free, 45 minutes)
  • Listen to the Audio Tour (included in ticket price, approximately 45 minutes minimum)
  • Watch the Movie/Documentary, "Island of Hope; Island of Tears" (free 35 minute program; 5 minute ranger led introduction + 30 minute documentary)


  • Brochures (contains a map) are available on the first floor at the Information Desk.
  • Floor plans (dark gray and labeled "Directory") can be found throughout the museum.
  • There are stairs in each of the four corners of the main space on each level (Baggage Room, Registry Room, and Balcony).

We hope this helps you as you plan and enjoy your visit to Ellis Island!

Last updated: November 5, 2016

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