Resources for Research

Women, Immigration, and Naturalization

International Emigration/Immigration Research

The Association of European Migration Institutions

Geneological Research

National Archives and Records Administration

A Guide to Interpreting Passenger List Annotations

Medical Information and Research:

The International Trachoma Initiative

Trachoma: Its Character and Effects" by Clark and Schereschewsky in 1907

Medical Inspection of Immigrants at Ellis Island, 1891-1924---an article from the BULLETIN OF THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF MEDICINE (June 1980/Vol 56.No 5)

Six Seconds Per Eyelid: The Medical Inspection of Immigrants at Ellis Island, 1892-1914" by ANNE-EMANUELLE BIRN

The Forgotten Ellis Island...The Extraordinary Story of America's Immigrant Hospital

Miscellaneous Web Sites Relating to Ellis Island and/or Quarantine Immigration Stations

THE FORGOTTEN OF ELLIS ISLAND Deaths in Quarantine, 1909-1911"

Historical and Basic Research on the National Park Service

National Park Service's History e-Library

The National Park Service: A Brief History by Barry Mackintosh

A Brief History of the National Park Service by James F. Kieley

Education Internet Resources for Teachers (from the National Park Service)

The History Channel and Ellis Island ...has several very good videos on a variety of topics about Ellis Island, its history, and the experiences of the immigrants who came through Ellis Island.

Ellis Island Partners:

Eastern National---Eastern National, formerly known as Eastern National Park and Monument Association, is a 501(C) (3) not-for-profit "cooperating association," that supports the National Park Service. Cooperating associations are recognized by Congress as a means to assist the educational and interpretive mission of the National Park Service.

Save Ellis Island---the non-profit partner established for the rehabilitation of the twenty-nine remaining buildings on Ellis Island, with the mission and mandate to raise the funds necessary to create and sustain these buildings (often known as the South Island and/or Hospital Buildings.)

The Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Foundation---The not-for-profit foundation that has raised and continues to raise money for the renovations and upkeep of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and sponsors the Wall of Honor and the American Family Immigration Research Center.

---The American Immigrant Wall of Honor--Through monetary contributions, some 600,000 names are inscribed on this wall...a memorial to America's immigrants. It is located ouside the Main Building. For more information, contact the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation.

---The American Family Immigration History Center is located in the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. The AFIHC maintains an extraordinary collection of immigrant arrival records which can be accessed at the Museum and online.

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