For Kids

EFMO Children's Archeology Day and HawkWatch 04
Strix the Wonder Owl and Friends at HawkWatch

NPS Photo by Ken Block

Special Kids Educational Activities

Kids activities are planned throughout the year. Please check our calendar of events for details. Annual events such as HawkWatch and Children’s Archeology Day offer hands on activities for the entire family.

Junior Ranger Program

A Jr. Ranger Discovery Day Pack with activity booklet is available for loan (at no cost) during visits to the monument. Tools in the back pack include a ruler, magnifying glass, binoculars and identification guides.

A Junior Ranger Activity Booklet is available (for purchase) in our bookstore to help Jr. Rangers to explore Effigy Mounds National Monument, develop an understanding and appreciation of the prehistoric American Indian people that inhabited this area so long ago, experience the natural environment here and along the Upper Mississippi River Valley, and learn about the National Park Service’s mission to preserve and protect natural and cultural resources of the United States.

The activity book contains on-site activities; a certificate and patch is presented upon completion.

Do you know about WebRangers? This program allows you to visit National Parks online. If you love our National Parks, Monuments and Historic Sites visit:

WebRangers >>

Child Painting in Kids Activity at HawkWatch
Child Painting in Kids Activity at HawkWatch

NPS Photo by Ken Block

Child holding imitation eagle eggs at HawkWatch
What Next? Holding Imitation Eagle Eggs at HawkWatch.

NPS Photo by Ken Block

Child with Owl Mask
An "Owl" at HawkWatch.

NPS Photo by Ken Block

Kids at archeology day demonstration
Kids at Archeology Day Demonstration.

NPS Photo by Ken Block

kids dissecting owl pellets
kids Dissecting Owl Pellets

NPS Photo by Ken Block

Kids Archeology Day 2005 Child in mock dig sandbox
Young  Archeologist at Kids Archeology Day 2005.

NPS Photo by Ken Block

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