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Welcome to Ebey's Landing
National Historical Reserve!

You're invited to explore the history, culture, and natural resources that make this place a unique and fascinating part of the National Park System.


The Administrative Office of the Trust Board - the Cottage at Sunnyside

The Reserve is a unique conservation partnership, and nearly 85% of the land here is privately owned. Most of the historic homes are residences, and the fields are part of active working farms. You can help support this community by respecting private property.

Whidbey Island is located in a rainshadow between two mountain ranges: The Cascades and the Olympics, which makes the island a micro-climate. Always be prepared for any type of weather when visiting the Reserve. It might rain on the mainland and be sunny and calm on the island. Wind can also play a huge factor. Rule of thumb: bring a jacket, bring a hat and be sure you have plenty of water!

There are no fees to enter Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve. However, there are three state parks within the Reserve, which do require a Discover Pass - $10 a day or $30 for an annual pass.


Entrance Fees:

Entrance Passes:

The Cottage At Sunnyside
Open Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Located at 162 Cemetery Road in Coupeville, visitors will find brochures, trail maps, and general information about Ebey's Landing NHR. Get your passport stamped, pick up a copy of the Junior Ranger book, and get your badge! The cottage is closed weekends, and on federal holidays.

Jacob and Sarah Ebey House
The Jacob and Sarah Ebey House is a volunteer operated contact station that is open seasonally. Open Memorial Day through Labor Day. General operations are Thursday through Sunday, from 10am to 4pm. 

Heritage Tourism starts at the Island County Historical Museum! Discover how Coupeville got it's name, the pioneers that created the area, and the Native Americans who called this place home far longer than the settlers. You can also find brochures, Junior Ranger books, and Walking Tour maps to historic Coupeville. Get your Passport stamped, too!

Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve partners with the Coupeville Chamber of Commerce as one of the official visitor centers for the Reserve. From here, you can discover great places to stay, places to shop, and places to dine. Get your passport stamped, your Junior Ranger book, brochures and hiking maps for the Reserve. Located in downtown Coupeville at 905 NW Alexander St. Hours may vary.

The park office and lighthouse at Fort Casey State Park will provide you information on hiking, the Reserve, Admiralty Head Lighthouse, and information on camping within Fort Casey and Fort Ebey state parks. Located at Fort Casey is located at 1280 Engle Rd., Coupeville. Open daily, from 11am to 3pm. State Parks require a Discover Pass.

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For more information on Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve, please contact the office of the Trust Board of Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve:

Marie Shimada, Reserve Manager:
Jordan Belcher, Education/Outreach:
Carol Castellano, Office Manager:
Claudia Kiyama, Preservation Coordinator:
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Traveling with Pets?

Pets are welcome many places throughout the Reserve. Learn more here.

Washington State Park Ranger demonstrates marine life to kids.

Traveling with Kids?

The Reserve is full of kid friendly activities throughout the year.

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