Ebey's Forever Historic Preservation Grant Program

Family poses in front of historic structure.
Kathy Baxter (pictured with sign) poses with friends and family in front of the historic Cawsey House, which was built in 1890 and restored in 2013.

NPS Photo (S. Steen)

old 1870 house with family on front porch.
2018 Ebey's Forever Grant Recipient - The 1870 Joseph Libbey House

Photo courtesy of the Island County Historical Society.

The 2019 Ebey's Forever Grant Applications are now available!

The Trust Board of Ebey's Reserve is pleased to announce the 2019 Ebey's Forever Grant Application is now AVAILABLE.
With funding provided by the Friends of Ebey's, the Trust Board is pleased to announce another year of grants.

For more information on the grant program, please contact the office of the Trust Board at 360.678.6084.

Gothic house undergoing restoration.
1870 Joseph Libbey House receives a new foundation and roof from the Ebey's Forever Grant Program.

Photo courtesy of Trust Board of Ebey's Landing NHR

The Ebey’s Forever Grant Program was established in 2009 as a means of supporting the preservation, rehabilitation, and continued use of heritage buildings within the Reserve.

One of the most challenging issues facing the still-working landscape of the Reserve has been an accelerating loss of the significant historic buildings that represent that “unbroken record.” More than 40 barns, outbuildings and farmhouses that date back to the 1850s have disappeared in the last four decades. Through local preservation programs and partnerships, the Trust Board of Ebey's Reserve works to ensure the historical legacy of the community remains an integral element of the evolving landscape.

Through the Ebey's Forever Grant Program, more than 45 historic buildings have received often critical funding for brick-and-mortar preservation work. As a result, over $1.1 million dollars has been invested directly into the continued life of these irreplaceable buildings. Not only is the lion’s share of this money going back into the local economy, but all the grant funding for the work is raised by the Friends of Ebey's, through private donation - one neighbor to another. Overall, the Ebey’s Forever Grant Program serves as an inspiring example of how a vibrant community can keep its history alive.

If you have questions about the Ebey's Forever Grant Program, please contact the office of the Trust Board of Ebey's Landing NHR at (360) 678-6084.

Last updated: December 17, 2018

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