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Discover Ebey's!

What will you discover on a visit to Ebey's Reserve? From parks to beaches, forts to forests, there is no lack of places to see and explore!

You can hike the trails around the Reserve, go beachcombing, visit a lighthouse at Ft. Casey, walk through fields of lavender, and have an ice cream cone in downtown Coupeville - the second oldest town in the state of Washington!

Mammoth bones and ice age artifacts along side Native American canoes tell a part of the story of Ebey's Reserve and Whidbey Island, which you can discover at the Island County Museum.

Visit the Alexander, Ebey, Crockett and Davis blockhouses that were once used for protection against potential threats.

And if you like to go camping, be sure to visit Ft. Casey and Ft. Ebey State Parks or Rhododendron Park.

Come on, Discover Ebey's! We look forward to hearing all about what you discovered at Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve!

Become a Junior Ranger
Become an Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve Junior Ranger! Junior Rangers will learn about the Reserve - the history and the agriculture that make the Reserve a very special place! When you finish the Junior Ranger book, you'll receive the official Ebey's Landing NHR Junior Ranger Badge and a patch for your collection!

You can download a Junior Ranger book in preparation for your visit to the Reserve, or, pick up a book at the following locations:

Celebrate Junior Ranger Day
During National Park Week (April 16 to 24, 2016) we will be celebrating Junior Ranger Day! Join us at the Jacob Ebey House on April 16 and at Ebey's Landing on April 23.
Every Kid in a Park Logo 4 for Fourth
Research shows that children ages 9-11 (fourth grade) are at a unique developmental stage in their learning where they begin to understand how the world around them works in more concrete ways. What better way to learn about the world than by exploring Ebey's Landing National Historic Reserve?

Here's four things you can do with your fourth graders at Ebey's Landing. For more information about the Every Kid in a Park program go to

1. Take a Walk!

There are several family friendly walks throughout Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve. One of the most popular is the 0.8 mile Bluff Trail from the Prairie Overlook to the Bluff Overlook. Along the way, pass working farm fields, ocean views, and the historic Jacob and Sarah Ebey House.

2. See What's Growing!
Throughout the year you can see crops as they grow, mature, and are harvested. Ebey's Landing was founded by farmers to protect the rural landscape you still see today, and the fields you see throughout the reserve are privately owned family farms. Check out local farmer's markets for chances to sample local products, and remember to always respect working fields by viewing them from roads and overlooks.

3. Step Into the Past!
You can explore the Admiralty Head Lighthouse used to guide ships through the Juan de Fuca straight, explore a World War II era military bunker at Fort Ebey, and walk to the end the historic wharf in downtown Coupeville. The past is alive and visible throughout Ebey's Landing.

4. Discover Wildlife!
Wildlife abounds throughout the Reserve. You can watch for Orca whales in Penn cove, spot birds of all kinds on Crockett Lake, and see Harbor Seals floating off shore along the Ebey's Landing beach trails.

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