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Value Analysis Downloads

As the use of Value Analysis has grown within the National Park Service, tools and templates have evolved which can help when conducting a Value Analysis. These various tools and templates can be downloaded below. They are typically Microsoft (MS) Word or Microsoft Excel based materials.

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General Downloadable Files

These are general files related to value analysis in the National Park Service. They can be used to introduce a client or Architect/Engineer Contractor to Value Analysis.

  1. Value Analysis Summary
  2. Value Analysis Job Plan
  3. Value Assessment Inventory

Mini Value Analysis Templates

Mini Value Analyses are smaller scale targeted Value Studies that are self-documenting as you move through the basic seven phase Value Analysis Job Plan.

  1. Mini Value Analysis Instructions
  2. Mini Value Analysis Forms

Value Analysis Study Templates

Items 7 & 8 are templates for structuring a Value Study, developing a team list, setting an agenda, and documenting the results of a Value Study. Items 9-11 are simple tools to use as you work through the study.

  1. Draft Value Study Agenda and Attendance List
  2. Attendance
  3. Draft Value Study Agenda Without Attendance
  4. Value Analysis Report
  5. Value Analysis Proposal Form
  6. Force Field Analysis Form to foster creativity
  7. Function Analysis Diagram (FAST)
  8. Risk Model
  9. Function Logic Diagram (FAST)

Choosing by Advantages (CBA)

Several templates are provided for varying number of alternatives being evaluated using the Choosing by Advantages decision making process.

  1. One Page description
  2. Matrix 8-1/2x11 Landscape, 4 alternatives
  3. Matrix 8-1/2x14 Legal, 5-6 alternatives
  4. Matrix 11x17 Landscape Sheet, 7 alternatives
  5. Matrix - Two List Format

Cost Estimates and Analysis

These templates (Excel spreadsheets) allow you to do a Life Cycle Cost (LCC) estimate as well as develop an Importance of Advantage to Cost graph for inclusion in a Value Study Report.

  1. Life Cycle Cost
  2. Life Cycle Cost and Importance to Cost Graph
  3. Importance to Cost Graph

Last updated: June 6, 2022

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