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Due to the park's remote location and limited transportation options, it is important to plan ahead to get the most out of a visit to this remarkable marine and historic treasure.

A brick fort and a wooden walkway above water
Basic Information

Learn more about directions, operating hours and seasons, and more

A sea plane and a boat above water, beside a sandy beach and brick fort structure.
Directions and Transportation

With no car access, Dry Tortugas is only accessible by boat or seaplane.

People sitting in chairs besides tents and a palm tree on a beach
Eating and Sleeping

Visitors are required to provide their own food, water and all other supplies while at the park.

A brick structure with metal attachments, surrounded by grass
Places to Go

You can enjoy dramatic landscapes and the history of Fort Jefferson, or explore our beautiful reefs, marine life and shipwrecks.

2 people standing on a wooden dock, carrying a kayak
Things to Do

From tours of the historic Fort Jefferson to snorkeling along the moat wall, there are many things to do during your visit

Two signs warning visitors of potential aquatic threats

Visiting such an isolated place means that you need to be prepared, not only for rough seas, but for primitive conditions.


How to get to Dry Tortugas

Last updated: January 8, 2021

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