Permits and Fees for Weddings at De Soto National Memorial

Below are the links to applications for Special Use Permits. Please complete and return the application with a $50.00 check or money order made payable to De Soto National Memorial. The $50.00 cost covers permit processing and is non-refundable. Applications must be received at least two weeks before the date of proposed event.

In certain instances applicants may be required to pay the costs associated with a permit. This occurs when the resources of the National Park Service are assigned (e.g. traffic control, overtime, etc.) and event participants make use of park facilities. An example would be an event held outside of regular park hours or one requiring special monitoring by park personnel.

Your application will be processed and will be issued with an estimate of costs for which you will be responsible. You will be billed for these services after the event. The bill will normally not exceed the cost estimate. Permit holders must supply the equipment required for the event.

Many permit applicants would like to collect a fee for admission to their event in the park. Current National Park Service policy states that "A permittee, while on park property, may not collect admission or any other money associated with a special event. All permittee monetary transactions must take place outside the park." In keeping with this policy, all applications from groups or individuals wishing to collect fees for their event will be denied.

Click here to download the Wedding Permit Application.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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