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All park programing that requires a reservation (Ranger Led Kayak Tours, Junior Ranger Day Camps, De Soto Rancho Fishing Clinics, Escape Uzita, De Soto After Dark) require a purchase of a ticket through Recreation.Gov. Users must create an account with Recreation.Gov to make reservations and purchase tickets. One ticket per participant is required. A one time non-refundable service fee of $1.00 will be charged per ticket purchase. All tickets and reservation are made and handled through Recreation.Gov. Please click here to visit De Soto National Memorial's site on Recreation.Gov

Special Use Permits

De Soto National Memorial requires a fee and a permit for special, one time uses of the park. To learn more about the following special use categories, please contact us with the date, time, and details of your proposed event at least two weeks in advance to begin the permit process. Examples include:


Memorial Services

Commercial Photography and Cinematography

Corporate Activities

Activities Outside Regular Business Hours


Use of park grounds for commercial activities requires an Incidental Business Permit before any business activity is planned or executed within park grounds. for details. Contact us

Conducting research studies on park grounds also requires a permit before the activity may take place. Contact us with the details of the proposed investigation. Conducting an activity on park grounds without a permit is an offense that will result in the immediate suspension of the activity and a possible citation.

If you are considering holding you next special event at De Soto National Memorial please download and fill out our Special Use Permit. For Weddings and Ceremonies please use this Permit Multi-use Special Use Permit. For Commercial or Still Photography please use Commercial Filming / Still Photography


Temporary Food Vendor Permit

This permit is for any temporary food vendor or concessionaire that will operate within the park. Please allow at least two weeks to process the Temporary Food Vendor application. Food Vendors must follow these guidelines to be considered for the permit:
  • Menu limited to approved items list.
  • All food items are from an approved source.
  • Food items prepared offsite at a separate location from the park are processed in a pre-approved licensed establishment (copy of current license, inspection report and establishment agreement submitted with application).
  • HACCP temperature logs maintained on potentially hazardous foods prepared offsite.
  • Cold food packed <41°F.
  • Temperature of cold foods maintained during transport
  • Hot food packed >135°F.
  • Temperature of hot foods maintained during transport.
  • Food stored in new food bags not in garbage bags.
  • Raw meats stored so that they will not contaminate other foods.
  • Toxic materials are stored separately from foods.
  • Employees thoroughly wash hands with soap and water before working, after breaks and after using bathroom, and any other time their hands become contaminated.
  • Employees are wearing clean clothes.
A Complete list of these and other Temporary Food Vendor Guidelines can be obtained here at Temporary Food Vendor Quick Sheet.To obtain an application to become a temporary food vendor at De Soto National Memorial please click Temporary Food Vendor Application. To submit your application please contact De Soto National Memorial Business Manger at 941-792-0458 ext 103.

Last updated: May 21, 2022

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