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The Visitor Center includes stunning displays of historic armor, weapons, and related period items. Helmets and armor are available to try on.


Our newly re-modeled theater and museum features a wide array of exhibits of Spanish and Native American artifacts. The new museum exhibits are degigned to be rotating with new items and art that will be displayed periodically. Our theater shows our parks film Hernando De Soto in America throughout the year. During the winter season the film is shown on a time schedule to coincide with scheduled living history programs.


The bookstore features an excellent selection of books about the De Soto Expedition and the Native American cultures encountered, as well as keepsakes to remember your visit by. Some items may be ordered on-line by clicking here.

Other Amenities

Modern restrooms and a drinking fountain are available in the Visitor Center.

There are no fees to entry fees for the park or the Visitor Center.

Last updated: April 26, 2018

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