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Devils Postpile National Monument is located at 7,560 feet above sea level just west of the Sierra Nevada crest. As such, it experiences typical summer weather in the Sierras. Afternoon thunderstorms are possible in July and August. Daytime temperatures can range from the mid-70s to to mid-80s (degrees Fahrenheit). Evening temperatures can drop into the low 40s (and even the low 30s in the months of September and October).

Ranger Station

A small visitor contact station where rangers can help you plan your adventure at Devils Postpile National Monument.


Welcome to Devils Postpile National Monument!

Visitors hike to Devils Postpile
Visitors enjoy a hike along the Devils Postpile Trail.


Devils Postpile is open roughly between mid-June and mid-October. During that time, there are many ways to enjoy your national monument. Use the links below to help you find all of the basic information you need to plan your visit.

Operating Hours and Seasons
Devils Postpile is generally open from mid-June through mid-October, although that is weather dependent. Some years it opens earlier and closes later.

Between mid-June and the Wednesday after Labor Day a mandatory shuttle bus brings visitors to the monument and the rest of the Reds Meadow Valley including the Rainbow Falls Trailhead.

Visitors should be prepared for any type of weather. Temperatures can range from below freezing to nearly 90 degrees, and sometimes in the same day! During the summer afternoon storms are common.

Devils Postpile does not charge an entrance fee, but there are still fees associated with a visit to the monument. Visit the shuttle bus page for information on fees for the mandatory shuttle bus (mid-June through mid-September).

Last updated: March 3, 2016

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