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Mountain penstemon is a common sight among the summer's flowers.


Devils Postpile National Monument is covered by montane forests dominated by red fir, white fir and lodgepole pine. Some scattered Jeffrey pine and shrublands also occur. Along the San Joaquin River and the few creeks that flow into it, typical montane riparian vegetation can be found, such as quaking aspen, black cottonwood, alder, and willows. Both wet and dry meadows dot the monument and during the spring and early summer when water is available, a colorful bouquet of wildflowers can be found. The monument's proximity to both west and east sides of the Sierra Nevada results in the presence of plants from diverse biological communities. Recent plant inventories documented 380 plant species in the relatively small 798-acre area of the monument. Most of the plants in the monument are native but some non-native plants are also present. Click here for more information.

Last updated: December 4, 2019

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