First Amendment Demonstration Area

An American flag waves on top of a pole in front of a brick building as people enter
The entrance to the Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center with the Stars & Stripes waving on top of a flag pole.  A small portion of the First Amendment Demonstration area can be seen in the foreground.

NPS / T. Engberg

The First Amendment gives all Americans the right to free speech. It is a cornerstone of American democracy. In order to protect park resources and to keep all visitors safe, the Courts have recognized that activities associated with the exercise of Americans' constitutional rights may be reasonably regulated.

Groups of 25 or fewer people are not required to obtain a permit although they are encouraged to do so in order to guarantee the availability of the designated area. Groups with a permit will be allowed use of the designated area over groups without a permit. Group size could be restricted based on activities and equipment related to the group. There shall be no more than one group demonstrating at one time.

The area designated first amendment demonstration area is outlined in red in the photograph below. The area is the shape of a long rectangle that is two squares of the concrete plaza by four squares of the concrete plaza. The area begins two squares in from the South Williams Street sidewalk along the grass next to the concrete landscaping retention wall. It goes eastward along that grass area for four squares and is two squares wide.To view a map of the park's designated First Amendment Demonstration Area, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Please Contact Us for more information about the designated First Amendment Demonstration Area or to obtain a Special Use Permit. You can also visit the Superintendent's Compendium page for detailed information on the First Amendment Demonstration Area.

Views of a plaza with yellow squares and arrows showing the 1st Amendment area
Left: aerial view of plaza area showing 1st Amendment Area in yellow with a yellow arrow pointing at the box area.
Right: bird's eye view of plaza area showing 1st Amendment Area in yellow with a yellow arrow pointing at the box area.

Last updated: September 3, 2020

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