During your visit, please be aware that there are people who either intentionally or unknowingly harm park resources. Please contact a park official if you see any of the following illegal acts:

  • Feeding or approaching wildlife
  • Hunting of animals
  • Collecting reptiles and butterflies
  • Collecting plants
  • Collecting archaeological or historic items (arrowheads, etc.)
  • Use and possession of metal detectors
  • Off-road drivers
  • Camping
  • People using weapons of any nature

If you see activities that could harm people or park resource, attempt to retain any descriptions or a vehicle license plate number and contact US Park Police at 202-610-8600.

Wildlife Conservation Efforts

Please take the following measures in order to protect our parks and wildlife:

  • Keep your distance from animals, even if they approach you, never approach or feed them
  • Dispose of trash in proper waste bins throughout the park
  • Maintain food and trash from wildlife by using proper storage
Regarding Your Pets

Pets are welcome to the Civil War Defenses of Washington at all times, but you must keep them under control in order to keep the other visitors, park, wildlife and your pet safe.

  • Pets MUST BE on a leash at all times
  • Please pick up any pet waste that occurs
Pet waste is a health hazard. It increases the nitrogen in the soil around the trail, giving advantage to weeds over native plants. Thank you in advance for bagging your pet's waste!

Last updated: June 16, 2016

Contact the Park

Mailing Address:

Civil War Defenses of Washington
3545 Williamsburg Lane N.W.

Washington, DC 200008



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