Reservoir Levels

Morrow Point Dam
Morrow Point Dam spilling, May 2017.
The Bureau of Reclamation manages water supply across the west with reservoirs like Blue Mesa, Morrow Point, and Crystal. Like the gigantic and famous Lake Powell and Lake Mead, we are part of the Colorado River Storage Project. Explore the data and this history to cultivate a sense of how much water we have today, compared to years past with the Blue Mesa Water Database (, or see how much the level on Blue Mesa has changed with the 10-Day Elevation Graph from Colorado's Division of Water Resources.

Blue Mesa Reservoir:
Morrow Point Reservoir:
Crystal Reservoir:
Consider exploring Gunnison River Levels which feed our hungry reservoir. Don't forget about the Aspinall Unit's older little sibling in the Gunnison watershed, the Taylor Reservoir, which supplies water for agricultural and municipal uses to the Uncompahgre River valley and Montrose. If your curiosity isn't satisfied yet, check in on our big siblings of the Colorado River Storage Project from Wyoming to Nevada!

Taylor Reservoir:
Colorado River Storage Project:

Last updated: October 3, 2018

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