Pets at Curecanti

BARK ranger at Dillon Pinnacles
Libby and Tad cruising via paddleboard near Dillon Pinnacles on Blue Mesa.

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Pets are permitted at Curecanti National Recreation Area, and allowed on all hiking trails, but must be leashed at all times. National recreation areas are managed differently than national parks, and recreation is a major focus. That means you can enjoy recreating with your pet.

Where can pets go?

Pets are allowed:

  • on any of the seven major trails in the recreation area
  • aboard watercraft (with a life jacket)
  • in snowshoeing areas (with protection for paws)

Pets are not allowed:

  • at marinas or docks (except for direct travel to and from a boat)
  • inside the Elk Creek Visitor Center

Boarding services may be found in the nearby communities of Montrose, Olathe, and Gunnison.

Pet Regulations

  • Pet excrement must be picked up by pet owners and disposed of in trash receptacles immediately. Leaving pet excrement on the side of the trail for pick-up later is prohibited.
  • Owners are responsible for their pet's behavior and may receive fines if their animal creates problems with wildlife and/or other visitors.
  • Leashes may be no longer than 6 feet (2 m) in length.

Pet Safety

It is not recommended to leave pets unattended in vehicles. Interior temperatures of vehicles rise within minutes and pets can quickly overheat and die, even with the windows cracked. It is prohibited to leave pets unattended attached to any objects anywhere in the park.

In summer, bodies of water at Curecanti occasionally harbor toxic algae blooms. If you notice water the color of pea soup or blue-green paint, avoid exposure. If you or your animals have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, irritated eyes, seizures, or breathing problems, contact medical care (doctor or veterinarian) or Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222. You can help monitor and alert others by reporting on the Bloomwatch App.


Service Animals

Please visit the National Park Service's webpage for detailed information on bringing service animals to NPS sites.
A wooden ranger badge with words and a dog face carved into it
Become a B.A.R.K. Ranger

Abide by the B.A.R.K. rules, complete an activity in the park, and earn a badge for your pet.

A photo of two people hiking on a path along a waterway
Hiking Trails

Curecanti offers the hiker diversity of habitat, scenic vistas, wildlife, and wildflowers.

Last updated: June 5, 2024

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