Hunting regulations at Curecanti National Recreation Area are in accordance with state regulations.


  • Hunters must have a valid Colorado State Hunting License in possession. (CRS 33-6-107)
  • Shooting from any vehicle is illegal. (CRS 33-6-124)
  • Hunters must wear at least 500 square inches of solid daylight fluorescent orange during muzzleloading and rifle seasons. Part of the fluorescent orange must be a hat or head covering visible from all directions. (CRS 33-6-121-1)
  • It is illegal to abandon wounded animals, or to remove only the trophy parts of a carcass. (CRS 33-6-119-2)


  • Hunting is permitted in certain areas within Curecanti. Hunters are responsible for knowing all regulations before hunting.
  • Hunters must be a minimum of 100 yards away from any road, trail, campground, picnic area, facility, or other developed area to discharge a weapon. Do not shoot toward, across or from any visitor use area. [36CFR 2.2 (b)(2)]
  • The discharge of a weapon from, towards or across the frozen surface of the main body of Blue Mesa Reservoir is prohibited. This restriction does not apply to the frozen surface area of the reservoir arms upstream of the "no wake" buoys in Soap Creek, West Elk, Lake Fork and Cebolla arms.
  • Bears may frequent campgrounds. Proper food/trash storage is required. [36 CFR 2.10 (d)]

[36 CFR 1.5(f)]

Elk Creek to Lake City Bridge (hwy149)

Lake City Bridge (hwy149) to Neversink

May 1-
Sept 30

ONLY shotguns for bird/small game; bows for big game

ONLY shotguns for bird/small game; bows for big game

Oct 1-
April 30

All legal methods permitted for all species in accordance with state law

ONLY shotgun/rifle for bird/small game; bows for big game

Curecanti is part of six game management units. Hunters are responsible for knowing the boundaries of their unit. Visit Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Hunting Atlas for more information.


Campgrounds with trash pickup, vault toilets, fire grates and picnic tables are available at Elk Creek, Dry Gulch, Red Creek, Cimarron and Ponderosa.

Water is typically not available past mid-September. Drinking water is available at the Elk Creek Picnic Area all year.

A dump station is located at the entrance to Elk Creek Campground.


Horses may be used on the Dillon Pinnacles Trail to access the West Elk Wilderness north of Curecanti.

Horse corrals are located at Dry Gulch and Ponderosa campgrounds.

Picketing, hobbling or tying livestock to natural features such as trees is prohibited.

All hay utilized in Curecanti must be certified as weed free in compliance with Gunnison County standards.


Off-road vehicle travel is prohibited. All-terrain vehicles are permitted below high water line of Blue Mesa Reservoir where access is by road.

All-terrain vehicles are allowed at the following campgrounds only for the purpose of accessing Forest Service roads during big game hunting season: East Elk Creek Group Campground, Red Creek Campground, and Ponderosa Campground. Other use on park roads is prohibited.


  • Tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return.
  • Have a map and compass and know how to use them.
  • Be prepared for changing weather conditions and emergencies; carry a survival kit.
  • Beware of elevation changes and carry plenty of water.
  • Be extra cautious of other hunters, hikers and recreation area users.
  • Be careful with fires; extinguish campfires completely.
  • Report all accidents and illegal hunting activity to a park ranger.

This map shows the areas closed to hunting.

Last updated: October 11, 2019

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