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BEARS:  Be Educated and Resposible Stewards

Be Educated and Responsible Stewards...

Low harvest of food sources (mostly nuts and seeds from last fall) left black bears throughout the region with little to eat going into winter hibernation. As they come out this spring and summer they are roaming further, looking for food. Please keep all trash and food stored properly.

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Are you a Bear Backer?

Special programs and activities will be offered and will focus on keeping bears safe and wild. Be on the lookout for cool "Back the Bears" stuff, available at the park visitor center. Show your support with magnets, stickers and other cool bear items.

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A short public service announcement focusing on the need to dispose of trash properly to avoid problems for bears. If you like this video, download it, share it, and spread the word!

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Outtake from upcoming episode of "Wild Outdoor Adventures" featuring Ranger Carol. Remember to keep your trash properly secured, you never know who may be in there!

Last updated: January 30, 2023

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