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Blue onion shaped dome with gold stars. White pillars hold up the dome with a gold top with a golden colt statue on top.

Park Status

  • As soon as the historic brownstone buildings 8 & 10 or Forge and Foundry are officially transferred to the National Park Service we will be an official Park!
  • However, this is a long and complex process and we have no current estimate for the land transfer completion.


  • Congress authorizes the establishment of new national park units. A park's authorizing legislation can call for the establishment of a new unit immediately OR it can require that certain conditions be met (e.g., sufficient lands are acquired, certain agreements are in place) before a new park can be established.
  • Coltsville was authorized under the Defense Spending bill in December 2014.
  • To become "established," the legislation calls for us to accomplish three major things:
  1. Enter into a written agreement with the City of Hartford
  2. Enter into a written agreement with Colt Gateway LLC (the current land owner)
  3. Acquire a donation of property for the park
  • We have accomplished both #1 and #2 and are diligently working through the property transfer.

In the mean time. . .

  • Until a park is formally established as a unit of the National Park System, the National Park Service role is largely limited to pursuing the work necessary to accomplish that important milestone. This involves a lot of “behind the scenes” efforts to complete the required agreements and land acquisition called for in the legislation.
  • The park managers are currently reaching out to the wider community to introduce the National Park Service and, when resources are available, offer limited public programs.
  • Unfortunately, we do not have a park stamp until the park is established.
  • Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Last updated: September 5, 2023

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