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  • Because we are a park in progress, we are not yet and offical open park. However, many of the park sites are open to the public. Please check out our park Places to see what's open.

  • Unfortunately, because we are a new park, we don't have a visitors center/gift shop yet. The future visitors center will be developed into the historic brownstone buildings at 120 Huyshope Ave, Hartford, CT 06106. We have a mobile community outreach van we use as a mobile visitors center right now, keep an eye out for it at local events in Hartford.

  • Coltsville is developing and fundraising for it’s visitor’s center and does not have bathroom facilities at this time. Some local vendors may allow you to use their facilities and Colt Park will occasionally have port-a-potties for public use. Please keep this in mind as you arrive for programs.

  • Unfortunately, until we are an establish park, we do not have an official brochure and park unigrid at this time.
  • We intend to start work on one when the park is established and when staff and funding are available to support its development. 

  • Unfortunately, we don't have a Junior Ranger Program at this time and cannot accept completed books from other park sites.
  • We intend to start work on one when the park is established and when staff and funding are available to support its development. 

  • Coltsville was “authorized” as a National Historical Park in 2014, but we are not an official National Park Service Unit until we are “established.” Our founding legislation laid out a list of requirements for establishment which is almost complete. As soon as the historic brownstone buildings 8 & 10 or Forge and Foundry are officially transferred to the National Park Service we will be an official Park!

    However, this is a long and complex process and we have no current estimate for land transfer completion.

  • Congress authorizes the establishment of new national park units. A park's authorizing legislation can call for the establishment of a new unit of the national park system immediately upon enactment OR it can require that certain conditions be met (e.g., sufficient lands are acquired, certain agreements are in place) before a new park can be established as a unit of the national park system.

  • Unfortuantley, we can't issue stamps until we are an established park.

  • The NPS doesn't not own, or have a right of access to the dome. For questions relating potential tours or access, please reach out to the property owners, Colt Gateway

Last updated: July 3, 2023

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