Battle Detail

Monroe's Cross Roads

Other Name:
Fayetteville Road, Blue's Farm
Campaign of the Carolina's
February-March 1865
Principal Commanders:
Brigadier General Hugh Kilpatrick [US] Major General Joseph Wheeler [CS]
Forces Engaged:
4900 total (US 1850; CS 3050;)
Estimated Casualties:
269 total (US 183; CS 86;)
As Sherman's army advanced into North Carolina, Kilpatrick's Cavalry Division screened its left flank. On the evening of March 9, two of Kilpatrick's brigades encamped near the Charles Monroe House in Cumberland (now Hoke) County. Early on the 10th, Confederate cavalry under the command of Lt. Gen. Wade Hampton surprised the Federals in their camps, driving them back in confusion and capturing wagons and artillery. The Federals regrouped and counterattacked, regaining their artillery and camps after a desperate fight. With Union reinforcements on the way, the Confederates withdrew.
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