Battle Detail

Roan's Tan Yard

Other Name:
Silver Creek
Operations in Northeast Missouri
December 1861
Principal Commanders:
Major W Torrence [US] Colonel J. Poindexter [CS]
Forces Engaged:
450 total (US 450; CS 0;)
Estimated Casualties:
91 total (US 11; CS 80;)
Rumors and sightings of a Confederate force in the Howard County area had circulated for more than a week, but the Union troops could not locate them. On January 7, 1862, information came to hand that Col. J.A. Poindexter and his Confederate force were camped on Silver Creek. Detachments from various Union units came together and headed towards the Confederate camp which was about 14 miles northwest of Fayette. After finding the camp, the force attacked, routing the enemy and sending those that were not killed, wounded, or captured fleeing for safety. Afterwards, the Union force destroyed the camp to prevent its further use. The Confederates could no longer use their Randolph County base for recruiting and raiding.
Union Victory
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