Battle Detail


Other Name:
Breckenridge's Advance into East Tennessee
November-December 1864
Principal Commanders:
Brigadier General Hugh Kilpatrick [US] Major General Joseph Wheeler [CS]
Forces Engaged:
0 total (US 0; CS 0;)
Estimated Casualties:
440 total (US 190; CS 250;)
As Sherman's infantry marched southeast through Georgia, his cavalry under Brig. Gen. Judson Kilpatrick rode northeastward. He set out on the morning of December 4 to attack Waynesborough and destroy Joseph Wheeler's cavalry command. That morning Kilpatrick's men advanced, driving the Rebel skirmishers in front of them. The Union force then came up against a defensive line of barricades which they eventually overran. As the Union advance continued, they met more barricades which required time to overcome. Finally, the Confederates fell back to a final line of barricades within the town. After furious fighting, the Union troops broke through and Wheeler's force ran.
Union Victory
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