Battle Detail


Other Name:
Savannah Campaign
September-December 1864
Principal Commanders:
Brigadier General John Corse [US] Brigadier General Samuel French [CS]
Forces Engaged:
3944 total (US 1944; CS 2000;)
Estimated Casualties:
1603 total (US 706; CS 897;)
After the fall of Atlanta, Hood moved northward to threaten the Western & Atlantic Railroad, Sherman's supply line. He attacked a number of minor garrisons and damaged track during October 2-4. Sherman sent reinforcements-John M. Corse's brigade-to Allatoona just before the Rebels attacked there. Maj. Gen. Samuel G. French's Confederate division arrived near Allatoona at sunrise on the 5th. After demanding a surrender and receiving a negative reply, French attacked. The Union outer line survived a sustained two and a half hour attack, but then fell back and regrouped in an earthen "Star" fort of Allatoona Pass. French repeatedly attacked, but the fort held. The Rebels began to run out of ammunition, and reports of arriving Union reinforcements influenced them to move off and rejoin Hood's force.
Union Victory
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