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11th Regiment, Pennsylvania Cavalry (108th Volunteers)

Organized at Philadelphia as an independent Regiment, "Harlan's Light Cavalry," under authority of the Secretary of War, August to October, 1861. Moved to Washington, D. C., October 14, 1861. At Camp Palmer, near Ball's Cross Roads, October 16-November 17. Designation of Regiment changed to 11th Cavalry November 13, 1861. Ordered to Fortress Monroe, Va., November 17. Attached to Dept. of Virginia to July, 1862. Unattached, Division at Suffolk, 7th Army Corps, Dept. of Virginia, to July, 1863. U. S. Forces, Norfolk and Portsmouth, Va., Dept. Virginia and North Carolina, to October, 1863. Cavalry Brigade, Portsmouth, Va., Dept. Virginia and North Carolina, to April, 1864. 2nd Brigade, Cavalry Division, Dept. Virginia and North Carolina, to January. 1865. 2nd Brigade, Cavalry Division, Dept. of Virginia, to August, 1865.

Duty at Camp Hamilton, Va., till May, 1862. Reconnoissance to Big Bethel January 3. Moved to Portsmouth May 15. (Cos. "C" and "M" at Newport News March to May.) Action at Blackwater, near Zuni, May 30, 1862. Companies "A," "E," "G," "H" and "L" ordered. to Suffolk, Va., June, 1862, and picket and outpost duty there and toward the Blackwater till June, 1863. Company "M" to Portsmouth, Va., and duty there till March 20, 1863. Companies "B," "C," "D," "F," "I" and "K" ordered to join Army Potomac at White House, participating in operations against Stuart June 13-15, and picket duty at White House and in rear of army till July 2. Operations about New Kent C. H. June 23, and about White House June 26-July 2. Evacuation of White House July 2, and moved to Williamsburg, rejoining other Companies at Suffolk August 20, 1862. Action at Franklin August 31. Reconnoissance from Franklin to Blackwater October 3. Suffolk October 15. Reconnoissance from Suffolk December 1-3. Beaver Dam Creek December 1. Near Franklin and Blackwater December 2. Suffolk December 12. Expedition toward Blackwater January 8-10, 1863. Action at Deserted House January 30. Norfolk February 10 (Co. "M"). Franklin and Blackwater March 17. Siege of Suffolk April 12-May 4. Somerton Road April 15. Edenton Road April 24. Reconnoissance through Gates County, N. C., and down Chowan River June 5-7. Near Suffolk June 11 (Detachment). Expedition to South Anna Bridge June 23-28 (Detachment). Dix's Peninsula Campaign June 24-July 8. South Anna Bridge June 26. Hanover C. H. June 26. Capture of Gen. W. H. F. Lee. Expedition from White House to South Anna River July 1-7. South Anna Bridge July 4. Moved to Portsmouth, Va., and duty there till January, 1864. Expedition from Portsmouth to Jackson, N. C., July 25-August 3. 1864. Jackson July 28. Expedition to Camden and Currituck Counties, N. C., August 5-12. Expedition to Edenton, N. C., August 11-19 (Cos, "G," "I" and "K"). Near Pasquotank August 18. South Mills September 12. Reconnoissance to Blackwater River September 14-17. Expedition from Yorktown to Matthews County October 4-9 (Detachment). Expedition to South Mills and Camden, N. C., December 5-24. Moved to Williamsburg, Va., January 23, 1864, and duty there till April. Wistar's Expedition against Richmond February 6-8. Scout in Gloucester County February 28. Expedition in support of Kilpatrick March 1-4. Expedition into King and Queen County March 9-12. Carlton's Store March 10. Expedition into Matthews and Middlesex Counties March 17-21. Reconnoissance to Blackwater April 13-15. Butler's operations on south side of the James and against Petersburg and Richmond May 4-28. Kautz's Raid on Petersburg & Weldon Railroad and to City Point, Va., May 5-11. Birch Island Bridges May 5. Bird Island Bridges, Blackwater River, May 6. Stony Creek Station, Weldon Railroad, May 7. White's Bridge, Nottaway Creek, May 8. Jarrett's Station and White's Bridge May 9. (Cos. "B" and "H" to Headquarters 18th Corps May 4; Co. "H" there till September 28.) Kautz's Raid on Richmond & Danville Railroad May 12-17. Flat Creek Bridge, near Chula Depot, May 14. Belcher's Mills May 16. Bermuda Hundred June 2 (Detachment). Petersburg June 9. Before Petersburg June 15-18. Siege operations against Petersburg and Richmond June 16, 1864, to April 2, 1865. (Co. "B" rejoined Regiment June 20.) Wilson's Raid on South Side & Danville Railroad June 22-30, 1864. Staunton River Bridge and Roanoke Station June 25. Sappony Church or Stony Creek June 28-29. Ream's Station June 29. Demonstration on north side of the James at Deep Bottom July 27-29. Deep Bottom July 27-28. Ream's Station August 18-21. Vaughan Road August 22. Dinwiddie Road, near Ream's Station, August 23. Near Ream's Station August 24. Ream's Station August 25. Jerusalem Plank Road September 15. Sycamore Church September 16. Chaffin's Farm, New Market Heights, September 28-30. Darbytown Road October 7 and 13. Fair Oaks October 27-28. Johnson's Farm October 29. Darbytown Road December 10. Expedition to Fearnsville and Smithfield February 11-15, 1865. Appomattox Campaign March 28-April 9. Five Forks April 1. Gravelly Ford, Hatcher's Run, April 2. Deep Creek April 4. Amelia C. H. April 4-5. Prince Edward C. H. April 7. Appomattox Station April 8. Appomattox C. H. April 9. Surrender of Lee and his army. March to Lynchburg, Va., April 12-16, thence to Richmond April 16-24. Expedition to Staunton May 5-11. Duty in the Sub-District of Albemarle till July. Mustered out at Richmond August 13. 1865. (Co. "L" detached on eastern shore of Virginia from 1863.)

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(See 11th Cavalry.)
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