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3rd Regiment, Massachusetts Cavalry

Organized as 41st Massachusetts Infantry. Designation changed to 3rd Cavalry June 17, 1863. Company "A," 33rd Massachusetts Infantry, assigned as Company "I." 2nd Battalion, Massachusetts Cavalry, assigned as Companies "L" and "M." Attached to 2nd Brigade, 4th Division, 19th Army Corps, Army of the Gulf, to June, 1863. Cavalry Brigade, Dept. of the Gulf, to July, 1863. Defences of New Orleans to August, 1863. Cavalry Brigade, District of Port Hudson, La., Dept. of the Gulf, to October, 1863. Unattached, Cavalry Division, Dept. of the Gulf, to January, 1864. 4th Brigade, Cavalry Division, Dept. of the Gulf, to June, 1864. 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 19th Army Corps, Dept. of the Gulf and Army of Shenandoah, Middle Military Division, to February, 1865. Reserve Cavalry Brigade, Army of Shenandoah, to April, 1865. Defences of Washington, D. C., 22nd Army Corps, to June, 1865. Dept. of Missouri to September, 1865.

Siege of Port Hudson, La., June 17-July 9, 1863. Duty at Port Hudson till January, 1864, scouting, outpost and patrol duty. Action at Jackson August 3, 1863. Plain's Store November 30. Ordered to New Orleans, La., January 2, 1864. Duty at Carrollton till February 29. March to Berwick and Brashear City February 29-March 10. Red River Campaign March 10-May 22. Advance from Franklin to Alexandria March 14-26. Monett's Ferry and Cloutiersville March 29-30. Natchitoches March 31. Crump's Hill, Piney Woods, April 2. Bayou de Paul, Carroll's Mills, April 8. Sabine Cross Roads April 8. Pleasant Hill April 9. Natchitoches April 19. Monett's Bluff, Monett's Ferry, April 23. Hudnot's Plantation and Alexandria May 1. Mansura May 4. Retreat to Morganza May 13-20. Mansura May 16. Moreauville May 17. Yellow Bayou May 18. Dismounted June 25 and equipped as Infantry. Moved from Morganza to New Orleans, La, July 3; thence to Fortress Monroe, Va., and Washington, D. C., July 15-28. Moved to Monocacy, Md., July 29; thence to Harper's Ferry, W. Va., August 4. Sheridan's Shenandoah Valley Campaign August 7-November 28. Battle of Opequan, Winchester, September 19. Fisher's Hill September 22. Battle of Cedar Creek October 19. At Cedar Creek till November 9. At Opequan Creek, near Winchester, till December 25. Moved to Stephenson's Landing, thence to Remount Camp, Pleasant Valley, Md., December 25-28, and duty there till February 24, 1865. Again mounted and equipped as Cavalry February 15. Moved to Opequan Creek March 8. Scout to Front Royal March 16. Scout to Woodstock April 1. Duty at Cedar Creek, Edinburg, Winchester and Berryville till April 20. Moved to Washington, D. C., April 20-22, and duty at Fall's Church till May 22. Grand Review May 23-24. Old members mustered out May 20, 1865. Company "L" mustered out December 27, 1864, and Company "M" January 31, 1865. Duty at Bladensburg and Cloud's Mills till June 14. Moved to St. Louis, Mo., June 14-20; thence to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, June 21-25. Regiment consolidated to 6 Companies July 21. March to Fort Kearney, Neb., July 27-August 16. March to Cottonwood Springs, Colo., August 23-28; thence to Fort Kearney August 29-September 1, and to Fort Leavenworth September 8-18. Mustered out September 28, 1865. Moved to Boston, Mass., September 29-October 5, and discharged October 8, 1865.

Regiment lost during service 5 Officers and 101 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 2 Officers and 180 Enlisted men by disease. Total 288.

Predecessor units:



Organized at Camp Chase, Lowell, Mass. Company "A" November 15, Company "B" December 27 and Company "C" December 6, 1861. Moved to Boston January 2, 1862; thence sailed to Fortress Monroe, Va., and Ship Island, Miss., January 13, arriving at Ship Island February 12. Attached to Phelp's 1st Brigade (Co. "A"), Williams' 2nd Brigade (Co. "B") and Shipley's 3rd Brigade (Co. "C"), Dept. of the Gulf, to September, 1862. Sherman's 2nd Division, 19th Army Corps, Dept. of the Gulf (Co. "A"), to June, 1863. Weitzel's Reserve Brigade, Dept. of the Gulf, to January, 1863 (Co. "B"). 1st Division, 19th Army Corps, Dept. of the Gulf, to June, 1863 (Co. "B"). Defences New Orleans, Dept. of the Gulf, to May, 1863 (Co. "C"). Cavalry Brigade, 19th Army Corps, Dept. of the Gulf, to June, 1863 (Co. "C").

At Ship Island, Miss., till April, 1862. Occupation of New Orleans, La., May. Battle of Baton Rouge, La., August 5 (Co. "B"). St. Charles Court House August 29 (Co. "B"). Operations in LaFourche District October 24-November 6 (Co. "B"). Affair at Plaquemine December 31 (Co. "C"). Operations on Bayou Plaquemine and the Black and Atchafalaya Rivers February 12-28, 1863 (Co. "B"). Operations against Port Hudson March 7-27. Expedition to Hermitage Landing March 24 (Co. "B"). Operations in Western Louisiana April 9-May 14. Teche Campaign April 11-20. Fort Bisland April 12-13. Jeanerette April 14. Near Washington May 1. Boyce's Bridge, Cotile Landing, May 14. Siege of Port Hudson May 24-June 17. Expedition to Clinton June 3-8 (Co. "C"). Assigned to 3rd Massachusetts Cavalry June 17, 1863. Companies "A" and "B" as Company "M," and Company "C" as Company "L." (See 3rd Massachusetts Cavalry.)



Organized at Lynnfield August 31 to November 1, 1862. Left State for New York November 5. Sailed for New Orleans, La., on Steamer "North Star" December 4, arriving December 15. Moved to Baton Rouge December 16-17. Attached to Grover's Division, Dept. of the Gulf, to January, 1863. 2nd Brigade, 4th Division, 19th Army Corps, Dept. of the Gulf, to June, 1863.

Duty at Baton Rouge to March 28, 1863. Expedition to Comite River March 9-10. Moved to Donaldsville March 28. Operations in Western Louisiana April 9-May 14. Teche Campaign April 11-20. Irish Bend April 14. Destruction of salt works near Iberia April 18. Provost duty at Opelousas till May 11. Moved to Barre Landing May 11, thence with trains to Berwick May 21-26. Actions at Franklin and Centreville May 25. Moved to Algiers, thence to Port Hudson May 26-June 3. Designation of Regiment changed to 3rd Massachusetts Cavalry June 17, 1863. (See 3rd Massachusetts Cavalry.)

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