Battle Detail

Cedar Creek

Other Name:
Belle Grove
Sheridan's Valley Campaign
August-October 1864
Principal Commanders:
Major General Horatio Wright [US] Major General Jubal Early [CS]
Forces Engaged:
47210 total (US 31945; CS 15265;)
Estimated Casualties:
7682 total (US 5672; CS 2010;)
At dawn, October 19, 1864, the Confederate Army of the Valley under Lt. Gen. Jubal A. Early surprised the Federal army at Cedar Creek and routed the VIII and XIX Army Corps. Commander Maj. Gen. Philip Sheridan arrived from Winchester to rally his troops, and, in the afternoon, launched a crushing counterattack, which recovered the battlefield. Sheridan's victory at Cedar Creek broke the back of the Confederate army in the Shenandoah Valley. Lincoln rode the momentum of Sheridan's victories in the Valley and Sherman's successes in Georgia to re-election.
Union Victory
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