A fire truck, ambulance on bottom with a large cell phone above and text reading CALL 911


For any emergency-related situation, please call 911 and notify site staff immediately.

American Red Cross

For those trained in American Red Cross first-aid, handy refreshers are available for download on the Red Cross website. For those interested in obtaining First-Aid, CPR and/or AED certifcation, please visit your local American Red Cross chapter to sign up for classes.


Weather Alert Status

The Greene County Sheriff's department provides official updates on NOAA weather alerts and also provides the official snow emergency levels for all county roads. In the state of Ohio, winter road conditions are rated on a three-level scale which informs drivers on the severity of travel conditions. Visit the road conditions page for detailed information about this unique system and for status of the roads around the park.


Environmental Factors

Heat & Sun

Hot and humid weather is typical during the summer months. Make sure to bring water to keep hydrated and take frequent breaks to prevent heat-related illnesses. The sun can be intense, so wear sunscreen and bring along a hat and a lightweight long-sleeve shirt.

Winter Weather

During the winter months, prolonged exposure to cold weather can cause hypothermia. Be sure to dress in layers to avoid this. The cold can also cause snow and ice to build up on sidewalks and steps. Please be sure to use caution when traversing on paths, sidewalks and stairs within and around the park as they may be slippery.

Bees & Biting Insects

Bees and other biting insects can be found in and around the park's grassy areas throughout the spring and summer months. Closed toe shoes and insect repellent may help prevent stings and other insect bites.

Last updated: January 16, 2018

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