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From national parks to local spaces in your community, the National Park Service protects places that connect us to our past, to ourselves, and to one another through preserving nature, history, and experiences. Each person has their own special connections with certain park places that are very meaningful to them.

We invite you to join as visitors, employees, partners, volunteers, and public land stewards and share your park stories.

Share Your Park Story

How have the places that you protect provided enjoyment, solace, inspiration, or other powerful experiences? In 2023, share your story with a park place that is special to you on social media using #MyParkStory. Follow the conversation on National Park Service social media channels using #YourParkStory.

  • Where you reached a summit
  • Where your ancestors walked
  • Where you found your artistic muse
  • Where history was made that shaped your life years later
  • Where you delighted in seeing your favorite wildlife for the first time
  • Where your jaw dropped at the breathtaking view and you are still recovering
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    Share Your Photos

    Capture your favorite views, moments, and adventures at Channel Islands National Park and share them with us. We want to display your island photographs in the website photo gallery below and in our visitor center.

    Send Us Your Photos
    Email your photos to

    We also welcome your photos on our social media channels. Tag @channelislandsnps or #ChannelIslandsNationalPark on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    What Photos Will Be Accepted
    When submitting photographs, the following information is required:

    • photographer’s name

    • the photo’s title, subject, and/or location taken

    • the date the photo was taken.

    By submitting photos, you agree:

    • that the submitted photos become public domain

    • any added caption or personal trademark will be cropped

    • the photos are selected based on uniqueness and appropriateness

    • that not all photos will be selected

    • that photos may be added to or removed from the online photo gallery from time to time.


    Last updated: May 15, 2023

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