Horseback Riding and Stock Use

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  • Designated pack animals or stock are limited to horses, burros, mules, or other hoofed mammals.
  • Stock parties shall not include more than 10 animals in one continuous group, with a maximum of 20 animals per party or organization daily.
  • The use of stock is confined to the developed trail systems of Chiricahua NM. Stock is not permitted on the Massai Nature Trail, Heart of Rocks Loop, Natural Bridge, and Sugarloaf Mountain trails.
  • Off trail travel is prohibited except for short term picketing, hobbling, or highlining.
  • Stock use is not permitted on paved roads except in those areas designated as crosswalks.
  • The tying of stock to any living or dead feature causing injury or damage to the feature or vegetation is prohibited. Picketed, highlined, or hobbled animals shall not be kept so as to interfere with the use of the trail system by hikers.
  • Stock trailers shall be parked at the designated horse trailer parking area near Faraway Ranch at Chiricahua NM. See park map (.doc 600KB)
  • Pack animals are not permitted in the Bonita Canyon Campground. Camping with stock is allowed in the adjacent Coronado National Forest. Contact the U.S. Forest Service office in Douglas, AZ, 520-364-3468 or online.
  • The feeding of hay or grain is permitted, but only by feed bags or inside trailers used to haul the animals.
  • Remove all manure or other waste left by your stock from the parking areas and trailheads.
  • Firearms are permitted, but may not be discharged in the park. Hunting is not allowed.

Last updated: August 19, 2018

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