Revised General Management Plan Process

Revised GMP Process

Phase 1:

  • Extend the public comment period for the original plan until November 15, 2004.

  • Invite the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to be a partner in the development of new or revised alternatives.

  • Hold three additional public meetings to obtain comments and suggestions.

Phase 2: (This phase will begin soon after November 15, 2004)

  • The NPS planning team will use the input from all written comments received and from those received during these public meetings to produce new draft management alternatives.

  • After internal review, the NPS will contact and meet with stakeholders and partners prior to public release of the new draft alternatives to give them notice and to continue a positive relationship and partnership in producing the GMP.

  • The NPS will produce and distribute a newsletter on the new draft alternatives to give stakeholders and the general public an opportunity to review these alternatives prior to a new set of public meetings.

  • The NPS will conduct three fully facilitated public meetings recorded by court reporter or public stenographer in three locations to receive comment on the new draft alternatives. All comments and suggestions will be for the administrative record.

Phase 3:

  • The park superintendent and Regional Office managers will brief Washington officials on the new draft alternatives prior to their public release.

  • The NPS will produce an amended GMP/EIS with a preferred alternative that will be made available for public review and comment with a standard notice in the Federal Register and a 60-day review period.

  • At the approximate midpoint of the 60-day review period, one fully facilitated public meeting will be conducted to receive comments on the amended draft GMP/EIS.

  • The planning team will compile and analyze all the comments on the amended draft GMP/EIS and will make appropriate changes to the document.

  • A final GMP/EIS will be produced and a notice of availability will be published in the Federal Register.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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