Because these animals live on land but breed in and near water, you are likely to spot amphibians in or near the Chattahoochee River. These cold-blooded animals depend on the sun to warm them while basking on a riverside rock or scurrying along a tree lined trail. The waters of the river supply a comfortable breeding location as well as a place to cool down.

The larvae typically are aquatic breathing through gills. In the adult stages the amphibians become semi-terrestrial, breathing through lungs as well as through their moist, glandular skin.

Eastern Spadefoot frog has olive colored skin.

Order Anura - Frogs and Toads

Your more likely to hear frogs and toads in the park long before you see them. Once you find one use these pages for to identify them.

Photograph of a Spotted Salamander with yellow spots on dark body.

Order Caudata - Newts and Salamanders

Have you found a newt or salamander in the park? Now try and identify the species and learn more about them.


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