Field Trip Information for Hyde Farm

We are so excited that you have chosen to bring your students to visit Hyde Farm. May this be an engaging and memorable experience for all.

There are a few items to discuss with your children ahead of time to make sure the experience is as rich, informative, and fun as possible. The field trip is an outdoor learning experience, with some environmental “challenges”, such as poison ivy, fire ants, the sun, etc. and we need everyone to be as prepared as possible. Also be aware that this is a 1/4 mile walking field trip. You are encouraged to get your kids “moving” for exercise to prepare them for this experience. The following should be discussed with your students prior to the field trip, as well as with chaperones.

  1. Wear appropriate clothing: Students should wear sturdy shoes with a closed toe and a closed heel (i.e. boots or tennis shoes), long pants, and a hat (dependent upon time of year).
  2. Bring a water bottle. It’s a great idea for each child to bring theirs in a backpack, or on a clip which would attach to their clothing.
  3. Wear sunscreen
  4. There is a hike involved with this trip. Students need to be prepared for this…mentally and physically. Start exercising with your kids to help them get prepared.
  5. Please have each child wear a nametag.
  6. We will have a first-aid kit, but make sure that any child who has allergies comes prepared with their medicine (i.e. Epi-pen for bee stings).
  7. Have your total number of students divided into 4 groups. Each group will need a lead adult…who will also need emergency contact information for every child in their group.
  8. You will need 1 adult chaperone for every 10 students. Please have parents refrain from bringing siblings. Discuss expectations of chaperones – they are adult leaders and should assume that role and responsibility.
  9. Have students eat a snack BEFORE arriving at Hyde Farm. Program length is 2½ hours.

There are some special teachable moments which can happen as you are approaching the property...and can extend even after the field trip. Have the students be investigators, looking for similarities and differences they encounter. You will notice a dramatic change in the landscape as you approach the farm from Hyde Road. Once you leave the pavement, you leave the 21st century behind.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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